Tuesday, June 2, 2015

30 Day Color Challenge- Day 2

I colored these beauties up yesterday.  They are another of the digital stamps in Sandy Allnock's EduDigi series- you can find it here.  In the perfect world, I would have every Copic marker and all would be well in the universe!  Alas, I do not and had to put my thinking cap on as to how to get a little more dimension and shading... enter my trusty Prisacolor Pencils!  Sometimes when I can't control the shading on an image or don't have all the markers I need, I turn to the pencils.  If you zoom in on the image, I wrote out all the colors that I used.  For the stamen of the flowers I used my black Glaze pen (on the dark purple flowers I don't know why the middle flower is coming out with white on it...I think it might have to do with the lighting)...but now looking at it, maybe I'll add little white dots to the inside edges- it doesn't look that bad!  Kinda looks like pollen...Yes!  That's it! It's pollen!!

I absolutely LOOOOVE the way they came out and am looking forward to using them on a card- stay tuned...

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  1. Ohh my goodness your colouring is absolutely beautiful. You are so talented